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It's been several months now since I last posted. Consulting in NYC is going well, and, true to fashion, has been consuming most of my time and attention. I made a decision early on that if I were going to stay longer than a few weeks in NYC, I would drive the rig back across the country in order to have my means of escape close at hand. I followed through on that decision by making the long trek across the country over Thanksgiving week, and it has proved instrumental in maintaining my sanity over the past months. Having a car in the city allows me much greater freedom and flexibility to get away on the weekends, to get a much-needed taste of the outdoors on a regular basis. As I'm settling into the long haul of a winter full of consulting work and starting to hatch ideas for my next adventurous moves, my attention turns to the piles of photos I still haven't edited down or posted from the last round of travels. As the first installment in what will hopefully become a steady series of retrospective posts, here are a few photos of the journey from San Francisco to NYC, including my glamorous Thanksgiving dinner in the only restaurant I could find still open in Nebraska.

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