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Back On The Grid

Ahh, back to civilization with a little bit of time on my hands and ample data service. I hope to post some of what I've accumulated, as it's been some time since I last posted.

To catch you up on the events of the last month or so:

Sad Jingo post-surgery

After spending the winter back in NYC for a work opportunity, I took off again on April 8 for Portland to pick up my rig, which had been sitting at the airport since November, and continue my journey. My plan was to explore Oregon for a bit, then head down the coast to spend some time in San Francisco before congregating with fellow travelers at the Overland Expo in Arizona.

Jingo doing her best to relax

As is often the case on the road, my plans quickly changed. A package sent via standard post never arrived, but I waited a few extra days for it in Portland. A vet visit before I took off revealed a giant bladder stone in one of my cats, who have been boarding with my parents. Our course of action to address it didn't work out, and her health declined as I traveled around Oregon. It became clear that she was going to need surgery and more care than my parents were able to give her, so I decided to fly back east to help her get well again and handle the vet visits and surgery. One week turned into two and a half weeks, but now kitty is better and I'm back on the road.

This is the look she makes just before she jumps up on the bed...starting to feel better

I had to sacrifice some time in San Francisco to make it down to the Overland Expo, a pilgrimage I had planned because it was where I went to get equipped for the trip a year ago and ended up with my lovely Adventure Trailer. Returning as an overland traveler with my own rig (a "feature vehicle" of the Expo, no less!) instead of a visitor in a rental car was as rewarding as I had hoped. It was great to see all the other overlanding rigs and equipment from the different perspective of living on the road, and the best part was meeting other adventurers (and friends from the previous Expo and travels in between) with their variety of stories and uniting desire to explore the world.

Leaving on a jet plane


Overland Expo bound

Since the Expo, I've been roaming around with other overlanders. Alex and Ashek have helped me get a taste of the joys of vintage Land Rover ownership. The Roving Bugs shared their amazing campsite at Tuweep and provided great company (not to mention a delicious dinner) and a reminder of home as a couple from Brooklyn. After a whirlwind of new travel adventures, mostly off the grid (sometimes the best spots lie outside cellular service range), it's nice to pause for a day or two, not that I'm lacking for scenery!

Campsite near Zion

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