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I embarked on my current adventure with the dream of finding remote places, surrounded by trees and mountains and filled with fresh air, and being able to set up camp for a week or two at a time. If I couldn't get enough mountains and trees in the city, I'd bring my office to the woods, where every short break could be filled with natural scenery and hiking could be as accessible as walking out my front door. Temptation got in the way of fulfilling the work side of the dream, however, and the majority of my time thus far has been spent exploring new places, meeting new people, and lavishly enjoying near complete freedom from obligations.

A growing desire to post more photos (all the photos!) on the blog and the opportunity of having a week to kill and a valley to myself led me finally to exercise the programming-in-the-woods area of my skill set. The software delivering the blog you are reading now was lovingly hand crafted in the mountains of Colorado.

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